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<a href="https://www.flaticon.com/free-icons/texture" title="texture icons">Texture icons created by small.smiles - Flaticon</a>I go all over the web looking for textures. Some places are fantastic, and others, well, not so much, but they do have one or two textures I can use. Most have PBR textures, now that Second Life has officially released PBR. 

The list will grow as I find more, and/or remember where I got them from.

So here are some of the places I've found that might help you find that perfect texture!


 WebSite Name  Website Link
 Architwister  http://www.architwister.com/textures/
 Seamless Pixels  https://seamless-pixels.blogspot.com/
 Ambient CG  https://ambientcg.com/
 OutWorldz  https://www.outworldz.com/cgi/free-seamless-textures.plx
 Share Textures  https://www.sharetextures.com/tag/cc0
 Poly Haven  https://polyhaven.com 
 Poliigon*  https://www.poliigon.com/
Texture Fun  https://texturefun.com/cc0-textures 
 Public Domain Textures  https://publicdomaintextures.com
 CG Bookcase  https://www.cgbookcase.com/textures/
 Free PBR  https://freepbr.com/
 Textures.com*  https://www.textures.com/
 Open Game Art  https://opengameart.org/content/good-cc0-art
 Texture Can  https://www.texturecan.com/
 Raw Pixel  https://www.rawpixel.com/search/cc0%20texture?page=1&sort=curated&topic_group=_topics
 Deviant Art  https://www.deviantart.com/search?q=seamless+textures
 Duion Textures  https://duion.com/art/textures
 Kats Bits  https://www.katsbits.com/download/textures/
 Texture Box  https://texturebox.com/category
 Share Textures  https://www.sharetextures.com/
 Pattern Panda  https://patternpanda.org/
 3D Assets  https://www.3dassets.one
 Sketchup Texture Club*  https://www.sketchuptextureclub.com/
 Chocofur  https://store.chocofur.com/
Julio Sillet Gumroad Shop  https://juliosillet.gumroad.com/?a=784689267
 Architextures  https://architextures.org/textures/type/pbr
 3D Textures  https://3dtextures.me/
 Lot Pixel  https://www.lotpixel.com/
 PBR Materials  https://pbrmaterials.com/
 CC0 Textures  https://cc0-textures.com/
 3D Model.org  https://3d-model.org/textures-materials/
 Blender 3D Architect**  https://www.blender3darchitect.com/textures/497-free-pbr-materials-for-architecture-up-to-4k/
 3D Jungle  https://3djungle.net/textures/
 Good Textures  https://www.goodtextures.com/
 CG Bookcase  https://www.goodtextures.com/
 NoEmotion HDRs  https://noemotionhdrs.net/index.html
 AMD GPU Open MaterialX Library  https://matlib.gpuopen.com/main/materials/all
 Raw Catalog  https://www.rawcatalog.com/library/materials/
 HDRI Workshop  https://hdri-workshop.com/
 CGMood  https://cgmood.com/materials
 CG Axis  https://cgaxis.com/free/

 *Subscription - Some free textures are available, but a subscription is needed for more.

** Links to websites with PBR textures

*** HDR Maps only

If you still can't find just the right texture, then there is a texture search engine here:

3D Assets Multi-Site Search

--Reddit also has a GREAT list that's always growing. You can find the link here: 

<a href="https://www.flaticon.com/free-icons/reddit" title="reddit icons">Reddit icons created by Alfredo Creates - Flaticon</a>Reddit icons created by Alfredo Creates - Flaticon







Reddit Link

Please Remember SOMEONE is providing the textures for free, please don't make money off of someone else's hard work.

We'll add new pages as we find them, if you have a place we missed, feel free to drop Kitsune Lassiter a notecard in Second Life.