Install DreamGrid for Working in Second Life Environment Without the Cost

Written by: Headmaster

Second Life can sometimes get pretty hectic., especially at Christmas when everyone wants to have a party, get together, etc.  For me, It got so bad, I re-installed Dreamgrid on my computer so I could keep working.  I forgot how wonderful it was to have your own Second Life.

What is Dream Grid you might ask? It's an OpenSim installer. It's awesome because all you have to do is download the installer here, and run it. You do, however, need to have Windows as it won't work on a Mac You CAN run OpenSim on a Mac, but you need Mono to do it and you have to configure OpenSim Ini file yourself.

some of the features include:

 Preconfigured, ready to run server
 Windows 7, 8, 10  or Server 2012-2022
 No more messy INI file editing!
 30 Languages supported in the GUI. 150+ languages of Help
 Auto-Updater and Automatic Backups.
 Hypergrid enabled.
 Global Viewer Search for Grids, Regions, Objects, Events.
 uPnP Universal Plug and Play Router configuration.
 Loopback Configurator.
 Free Icecast server for broadcasting your own music and voice.
 Non-Player-Character Enabled.
 Full featured WAMP Server:
 * Apache Web server for JOpensim and WordPress
 * PHP 7
 * Strawberry Perl with database examples and Maps with real time people tracking
 Streaming Audio and Video.
 Bullet, UbODE and Hybrid physics engines.
 Diva's Web-based Web Portal.
 Multiple Map types.
 Autoconfigured MySQL and FsAsset Databases.
 Router, Firewall and Port Diagnostics.
 Free Dynamic DNS system in the and domains.
 DLC: Built-in download/install of hundreds of FREE curated OARs and IAR files and EXCLUSIVE OARs. Original cost of tens of thousands of dollars.
 Gloebit Money, Birds, Tides, Partners, Auto-Teleport Signs, Auto Restart, Crash detection, Ban lists and more.
 Robust Grid mode, Region Server Mode, OSGrid, Outwordz and other grid attach modes.
 Built-In Help and Instructions.
 .. and LOTS more!

When you run the installer, it will ask you a few questions and in a blink of an eye, you've got your own private Second Life!

The great thing about this is you can even set DreamGrid up to allow your friends to log in.  All you need to do is download the manual and follow the directions.

If you aren't too thrilled to create your own sim, no worries! There's TONS of OARS available that is easy to  download and install:


OAR Files & IAR files download


More OpenSim Grids



A huge thank you to Fred Beckhausen (Ferdix,) and if you've been here a while, you will remember his awesome sim, Phaze Demesnes> He now has his own grid and you can create your own account and log in. Go ahead an log in!